In the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation we are exploring the transformative power of art through the media of games and play. We believe that art transforms people on an elemental level, and, if it permeated humanity at its foundation, the world would be a place where creativity, sharing, tolerance, deep wisdom, critical thinking and nuanced problem-solving
are deeply valued.

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If you would like to study Games as Art with Theresa Devine you can be an Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance major.

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Unreal Tutorials

Introduction to Blueprints

Note: these are supplemental files that either give more information or fix the posted Unreal 4 youtube tutorials. Many of the available youtube tutorials are out of date. Rather than redo all of the tutorials that EPIC has released, I have explained what is wrong and how fix the errors. These files and tutorials assume that you have already learned the informaation in the World of Level Design tutorials.

Introduction (video 1):
Supplemental file: click here.

Turning on a light (video 2):
Supplemental file: click here.

Adding Toggling in a Class Blueprint (videos 3-7):
Supplemental file: click here.
Supplemental file: Programming Lessons 10.33 MG.
Supplemental file: Web Example 104 MG.
Supplemental file: XNA Example 178 MG.

Using Inputs to Control a Class Blueprint (videos 4-8):
Supplemental file: click here.

More tutorials are found here:

Introduction to Blueprints

Dialogue Systems

State Machines

HUDs and Healthmeters

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