In the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation we are exploring the transformative power of art through the media of games and play. We believe that art transforms people on an elemental level, and, if it permeated humanity at its foundation, the world would be a place where creativity, sharing, tolerance, deep wisdom, critical thinking and nuanced problem-solving
are deeply valued.

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If you would like to study Games as Art with Theresa Devine you can be an Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance major.

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Unreal Tutorials

We use Unreal 4.10.4 in the game classes at ASU West. This is the latest version that our computer lab will support.

Learning the interface and dealing with basic level design

World of Level Design: We use this set of videos to learn basic navigation of the interface and level design technical information. This does not include blueprints or programming knowledge. Buy the tutorials here. ASU does not have any business relationship with this company. We just like these tutorials.

If you need a tutorial about how to buy this set of tutorials click here.

What is in World of Level Design Fundamentals - module 1

Project Set up(videos 1-4)

Viewport mode options (video 5)

Saving and opening new maps (video 6)

Working with objects(video 7)

Content Browser(video 8) Supplemental file: Programming Concepts 2.06 MG.

How Environments Are Created(video 9)

Ways to Play Test(video 10)

Customize Editor Layout(video 11)

What is in World of Level Design Fundamentals - module 2

Setting Up Initial Level(videos 1-2)

Simple Room Exercise(video 3)

Create BSP Geometry (video 4)

Scale and Architecture Dimensions (video 5)

Blocking in a BSP Room (video 6) Supplemental file: 3D Design 3.59 MG

Blocking in a BSP Room 2 (video 6) Supplemental file: Instances .86 MG

Insert and Work with Static Meshes (video 7)

Static Mesh BSP Room Workflow (videos 8-9)

Texturing BSP Brushes and Working with Materials on Static Meshes (videos 10-12)

Applying Materials Workflow (video 13)

Adding Sunlight, Fog, Skyboxes (videos 14-17)

Adding Point lights, Spot lights, Light types and how to use them (videos 18-20)

Build options, Mass Importance Volume, Fixing Lighting Issues (videos 21-23)

Adding Player Start and Particle Systems (videos 24-25)

Adding Audio and Sound Cues(videos 26-27)

More tutorials are found here:

Introduction to Blueprints

Dialogue Systems

State Machines

HUDs and Healthmeters

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