In the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation we are exploring the transformative power of art through the media of games and play. We believe that art transforms people on an elemental level, and, if it permeated humanity at its foundation, the world would be a place where creativity, sharing, tolerance, deep wisdom, critical thinking and nuanced problem-solving
are deeply valued.

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If you would like to study Games as Art with Theresa Devine you can be an Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance major.

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Game Classes

Want to study Games As Art?

Here is the current list of Game Studies, Design, and Development courses.

These courses serve the Interdisplinary Art and Performance majors in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

All of these classes can be found in the course catalog here.

IAP 294 Special Topics, Introduction to Game Studies (Fall)
Course Description: Examines the history, evolution, culture, aesthetics, and ontology of video games and the ways in which they interface with multiple disciplines in the humanities. Considers the role of video games in the construction of ethnicity and gender and in the formation of transnational and virtual communities in the globalization movement. Recommended Prerequisites: ENG101 or ENG 105 (honors), or ENG 107 (international)

IAP 462 Games and Play (Fall)
Course Description: Focuses on a study of play and games. Discusses what play is and why humans need it. Considers and analyzes an examination of the dark side of play.

IAP 294 Special Topics, Games and Ethics (Spring)
Course Description: The course involves the students in play-testing popular game titles in order to identify ethical questions to which the games allude. Ethics is goal oriented; has to do with thinking and actions, just like games. Every day we are vicariously presented with various situations in which an action must be taken, whether in video, audio or textual. The goal of this class is to analyze in-game challenges and mechanics with the lenses of various ethical theories. At the end of the course the students will not only be able to think deeply about the relationship between ethics and in-game challenges, but also for real life challenges that they might not have realized were connected before.

IAP 362 Games & Narratology (Spring)
Course Description: Focuses on design techniques for the writing of nonlinear and interactive stories in the video game development process. Compares and contrasts game writing with other creative writing such as short story, song writing, oral history, poetry, fiction and film. Examines, deconstructs and questions the game design approach commonly referred to as narratology. Inspects key texts for attitudes, ideas and thoughts on games and narrative in games.