In the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation we are exploring the transformative power of art through the media of games and play. We believe that art transforms people on an elemental level, and, if it permeated humanity at its foundation, the world would be a place where creativity, sharing, tolerance, deep wisdom, critical thinking and nuanced problem-solving
are deeply valued.

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If you would like to study Games as Art with Theresa Devine you can be an Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance major.

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Games made by the ASU Interdisciplinary Art and Performance students
New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

Board games:

Front by Ever Rivas click here to see it!

The Battle Front by Ever Rivas click here to see it!
The Battle Front (and the Front) is a strategy builder game with as many realistic components as I could think to add to a board game. When I was developing the game, I wanted something that people would play and would be able to take away more than simply an entertainment experience. I wanted a game that would teach people to look at a situation (a battle) and realize that paying attention to all the little details and knowing as much as possible will increase chances of victory. When playing The Battle Front: plan your strategy, raise your army, use foresight to predict the enemies' moves, and bring down the opponent!! - Ever Rivas

Waristan by Michael Antwan click here to see it!
Waristan is a card game designed to place people into a conflict that puts their moral values on trial. Players select 5 ability cards that are lost over the course of the game, giving them fewer and fewer options as the game goes on. Players might find that they were doomed to lose the game very early on, while others are surprised to find themselves the winner in the end. The game was designed to take a set of rules; add an element of unpredictability and random luck, and translate that to fun. - Michael Antwan

Blind Tale by Stephen Havrilla, Ryan Cody, and Sidney Alfred click here to see it!
Blind Tale is a game that brings your imagination to life through storytelling and drawings. It also shows how others interpret your imagination through their own story. Even if a player is not the best artist, Blind Tale will still show them how people perceive your feelings through how you draw. This is because the drawing is only half of how the other players will interpret your imagination and feelings. Each round one player will draw with the feeling chosen at random and the other players will have the opportunity to tell a story based on how they interpreted the feeling and the subject of the drawing. Finally the artist will be able to give the other players his/her feedback on their interpretation of their artwork ultimately creating a mental connection between the players through their own art. - Stephen Havrilla and Ryan Cody

True Colors by Nick Randolph, Nici Richardson, and Stephen Havrilla click here to see it!
True Colors is a game that involves you to make different decisions that will ultimately effect whether or not you can accomplish your mission. The decisions you make have consequences that will affect how people see you and treat you throughout the game. Players are also given the decision to team up and help each other or work against each other to try and move ahead of everyone. In doing so this game shows each player's true colors and how they feel about one another which can spark feelings in each player that would normally never surface. In conclusions, True Colors will not only provide entertainment for all the players, it will also show a side that may unexpected from their opponents and themselves. - Stephen Havrilla, Nicholas Randolph and Nici Richardson

Go Do Something by Tyler Norquist, Emeric Palm and Stephanie Hortiales click here to see it!
The concept for Go Do Something was based on an open world game. It is meant to capture the players attention and use the freedom of exploration to its advantage. When you first enter the game you notice the artistic work that captures your attention and you really get to become the player in the game. Each destination in the game has a unique artistic feature that broadens horizons and keeps the gamer engaged in the game. - Emeric Palm and Tyler Norquist

Simplicity by Doni Shepherd click here to see it!
Simplicity is a game that shows us all of the struggles we must face in order to find a life filled with our idea of simplicity. The concept is simple in execution while it stems from a far deeper ideal. Answer fun trivia about the Seven Deadly Sins that try to hold us down each day. The more you understand about the real world, the faster you will find true Simplicity. This piece of art brings together the ideas of simplicity, reflection, and interaction for your exploration and entertainment. - Doni Shepard

Purity by Aidee Perez click here to see it!

A Capella by Sam Miller and Angel Quintero click here to see it!

Purgatory by Tyler Norquist and Iris Nakiso click here to see it!

Hop Frog by Sam Miller and Chris Munguia click here to see it!

Video games: